The Sixth Annual International Symposium on Quantitative History

Conference Date

July 14-15,2018

Conference Venue

Longfor Learing Center in Yantai, Shandong Province, China


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Host:the Center for Economic Research, Shandong University 
Co-organizers:University of Hong Kong, Tsinghua University and School of History, Renmin University of China

Conference Agenda


Participants(All names are arranged in random order)

Neil Cummins(the London School of Economics and Political Science) Wuyue You(Central University of Finance and Economics)
Christopher M Meissner(UC Davis) Bin Xie(Jinan University)
William N. Goetzmann(Yale University) Yu Hao(Peking University)
Duol Kim(Myongji University) Cong Liu(Shanghai University of Finance and Economics)
Hyunjoo Yang(University Of Incheon) Weipeng Yuan(Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)
Angela Ki Che Leung(The University of Hong Kong) Lai Wei(Tsinghua University)
Debin Ma(the London School of Economics and Political Science) Weiwen Yin(Texas A&M University)
Joy Chen(Stanford University) Danli Wang(Shanghai University of International Business and Economics)
Feng Chen(Wuhan University) Liu Zhang(Harvard University)
Jun Li(Hunan Normal University) Jiajia Liu(The Graduate Institute, Geneva)
Guanglin Liu(Lingnan University) Jiafu An(The University of Edinburgh)
Bingtao Song(Henan University) Mouyun Zhao(Shaanxi Normal University)
Mingkong Wei(Chinese Academy of Social Sciences) Duo Zhang(Shanghai University of Finance and Economics)
Hu Zhu(Renmin University of China) Lige Wang(Zhoukou Normal University)
Zhiwu Chen(The University of Hong Kong) Youhong Lin(Guangdong University of Foreign Studies)
Weimin Bao(Renmin University of China) Wenbing Wu(The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
Shuji Cao(Shanghai Jiao Tong University) Ye Ma(Henan University)
Chicheng Ma(The University of Hong Kong) Yu Zhang(Nanjing Audit University)
Kaixiang Peng(Henan University) Ming Lei(Nankai University)
Denggao Long(Tsinghua University) Xing Xin(Peking University)
Nan Li(Shanghai University of Finance and Economics) Feng Ding(Zhejiang University)
Baomin Dong(Henan University) Yichi Zhang(Renmin University of China)
Minhui Zhou(University of International Business and Economics) Tianshu Gao(Nanjing University)
Shiyu Bo(Jinan University) Peide Li(The University of Hong Kong)
Lijun Zhu(Peking University) Luyuan Yao(Fudan University)
Yuan Liu(South China Normal University) Lian Gao(Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)
Hongzhong Yan(Shanghai University of Finance and Economics) Minghui Li(University of Groningen)
Jin Yang(Southwestern University Of Finance And Economics) Jinwu Xiong(China University of Political Science and Law)
He Yang(Zhongnan University of Economics and Law) Shijun He(Southwestern University Of Finance And Economics)
Zenggang Li(Shandong University) Xiaoming Zhang(The University of Hong Kong)
Fangmeng Tian(Beijing Normal University) Yan Chen(Shandong University)
Tao Sun(Shandong University) Hongsheng Xiao(Shandong University)
Jianan Li(Xiamen University) Linke Hou(ShandongUniversity)
Chen Feng(The University of New South Wales) Jianguo Sun(Henan University)
Qin Jiang(Shanghai Jiao Tong University)  

 Group Photo